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What material is your jewelry made from? TOP

I use cut glass to encase the image, copper foil tape to seal the glass and sterling silver laden lead free solder to solder the frame.  The bails are either base metal or sterling silver.  On some pieces I add beaded work such as Swaroski cystals or czech glass.

How is the jewelry made? TOP

I print out images onto acid free paper then place two images, back to back, between two pieces of cut glass.  I tape copper foil around the glass frame then solder the tape with a sterling silver laden lead free solder.  I then solder a bail to the top for necklace attachment.  And on several pieces I add a smaller bail to the bottom to attach additional bead work to dangle below the image.

How do I order custom work using my own photos? TOP

Once you place your order in the custom photo jewelry section you will need to email your photo to me at joycenolan@txwinet.com .  If you don't have access to email, you can send me the original photos through snail mail.  I would then scan the photos into my computer and print the images out on acid free paper.  If you send me an original photo, I will send it back to you with your completed piece.

All the pendants are reversible so I would need two photos.  Now, I can also add one of my images with one of your photos to make a pendant.  For instance, if you have a picture of yourself at Christmas time, I could put that picture on one side and then a vintage Christmas scene of your choice on the other side to create a one of a kind piece.

In the "Your Choice" section, can I choose images from two different categories to make a pendant? TOP

You bet!  For instance, if you want a pendant of Marilyn Monroe on one side and a Halloween one on the other side, simply email your special request to joycenolan@txwinet.com .  Make sure to list the section you found your image in and the number of the image (i.e. front side Marilyn Monroe (rectangle) 1/number 3; back side Halloween (rectangle) 2/number 4).  When making special requests like that, please match up rectangle images to other rectangle images, square to square, etc.  I can also do some cropping however, to make it work.

Bottom line, if you want something different, let me know.  I am here to create it for you!

What if I have a special request? TOP

Absolutely!  If you have an idea pass it by me and I can see about getting it done for you.  And if I don't have an image you are looking for, I can research to find one that works for you. 

Please note, any additional research costs $10.00 per image.

What is the return policy? TOP

I want you to be happy with your purchase.  If you receive your item and feel that it has been misrepresented you have 20 days to return it for full refund minus shipping cost.  If you are returning an item due to damage, defect or my mistake, I will refund to you any shipping costs as well.  All acceptable return items must not show any signs of wear and display the original condition before shipping.

Simply return your item to the following address with a note for the reason for return:

Joyce Nolan

37 Indian Princess Lane

Wimberley, TX  78676


How long does it take to make a custom piece? TOP

Once ordering, including any special instructions is complete, I can have your piece completed and mailed out to you within a two week period.  Larger orders of course may take more time.  If you have a special deadline request, please email me at joycenolan@txwinet.com and let me know.  I am here to work with you!

Please note, I am most busy at Christmas of course with custom orders.  Please allow up to 3 weeks during November and early December order periods.

How do I care for my jewelry? TOP

The sterling silver laden lead free solder I use has a wonderful shine to it however it will tarnish over time like any other sterling silver piece.  I suggest you store your item in an airtight container such as a zipe lock baggy to prevent tarnishing.  You can also use a silver polishing cloth to clean the edges and bring back the shine.

As for the glass, Windex works great!

4/4/11  Hi guys, I have found a wonderful polish that I am now using to clean my finished solder.  It is Liva Stained Glass Polish.  Put it on, let it dry and wipe it off.  Works great.  The vendor I order it from is Cornerstone Stained Glass Supplies on EBAY.


Is there another way for me to purchase items from you other than online? TOP

If you prefer, you may call me at 512-847-0252 and I will gladly handle your order over the phone.  If I am not available to answer right away, please leave your name and return phone number and I will get back with you ASAP!  Many weekends I will be away at trade shows.

I will accept checks but it will delay the normal order shipment time by 10 days.

And of course, money orders are always acceptable!

If my jewelry breaks, can you repair it? TOP

Normal wear and tear repairs are free of charge within the first 30 days. Minor repairs after the first 30 days are subject to shipping and handling fees with a possible $20.00 repair charge depending on the repair.  Please email at joycenolan@txwinet.com to discuss options.

Please note: although my jewelry is sturdy, the images are encased in glass and glass of course can break when it is dropped so please be careful when handling.  If you happen to drop your pendant within the first 6 months of wear, I will replace the entire pendant for you at half the original cost, one time only.  I know most people are very careful with their jewelry but accidents can happen.  Please let me know if this happens to you!


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