About Carpe diem designs by joyce

Here at Carpe Diem Designs by Joyce, I stamp, etch, solder and patina metal and/or glass jewelry using copper, brass, aluminum, and sterling silver laden solder with forging and metalsmithing techniques. I create mixed media, image art and custom photo soldered jewelry by placing media in-between glass that is encased with a sterling silver laden lead free solder. I use silver back copper foil to tape the glass together then I apply a liquid flux to attach the solder smoothly to the foil. Once the bail is set and the piece is cleaned and polished I may adorn with additional metal or bead work or even apply black, copper or a combination of patina to the solder to give the piece a different look. 


In addition I handcraft metal jewelry by stamping or drawing images on mostly copper and brass sheet metal than placing in an acid bath to permanently etch the image onto the metal. I then patina the metal to a desired hue and finally use Protectaclear aerosol to add a protective seal.  


I create pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings as well as wine charms. The imagery I use comes from a wide range of options such as vintage postcards, scrapbook paper, digital collage sheets, birch tree bark and even my own photography as well as stamping and hand drawn.

everything starts from imagination!

It starts with an idea, a picture in my head as I hunt for the perfect image, the just right material. It is found, printed, cut into shape then embraced by glass, taped shut and solidified with silver solder. Perhaps the image is etched into metal then aged to perfection. Ideas transformed into a wearable piece of art, it is jewelry for the soul.


A distant memory of phone applications and loan approvals while working at a bank has almost faded as I start my creative process again. From idea to finished piece I flow on metal rivers, soar through glitter clouds and land on crystal shorelines. At least that’s how the creative process feels to me as I alter my imagination into reality and handcraft my eclectic and timeless jewelry for you.

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